Many of you may not know that the Town Crier is as old as Idyllwild Arts. Our first issue printed in November 1946 and we are working out plans to celebrate our 70th year later with readers and advertisers invited.

I love looking through past Town Criers and often get lost in reading old stories and old ads, many of which Ernie illustrated himself.

A story in the Nov. 9, 1956 edition, “Record Vote in Election,” reads:

“As goes the nation so goes Idyllwild! With a record vote of 515, mountain residents cast 416 votes for Eisenhower as against 93 for Stevenson.

“In the Congressional and Legislative the Idyllwild precincts reported a 3 to 1 Republican vote.

“Despite heavy Hill support, Idyllwild candidate J.G. Nusbaum running for the district hospital board, lost to Sherm Lewis of Hemet in a closely contested race.

“Serving on Precinct 1 were J.G. Nusbaum, Ella Braddock, Inie Wilson, Jesse Brown, Roger Hillis and Maye Lorenz.

“Precinct 2 included Deane Brennan, Coral Belden, Peg Geiser, Betty Jolley, Ida Wilder and Charlotte Weinkauf.”

This was the story in the TC of the presidential race 60 years ago when Ike again beat Adalai for the top job as he did four years prior.

And Les Hogue advertised “Know Your Cabin is Safe!” Pat Wright of Fern Valley Beauty Shop advertised “Perk up With a Fall Cold Wave.” California Electric Power Co. advised: “Live Better Electrically.”

And Emax and Bmax celebrated the TC’s 10th with a potluck at Town Hall. Attendees included Dr. Evarts Loomis, Val and Mary Hansen, Ruth Sorenson, Stefi Samuelson, and Frankie and Doug Emory.

Becky Clark, Editor