If this happens, people will die, property will be lost and a city already struggling will crumble. An act of this proportion takes months and years, not days, to finalize.

Where will our paramedics or firefighters come from? The bottom of the barrel. The ones who couldn’t hack it.

Where is the next available fire engine going to come from when the San Jacinto engine is committed to an active fire or medical aid? Idyllwild? You would be dead before they left the mountain.

This idea of a JPA is rediculously irresponsible. Save San Jacinto and yourself. Don’t let this happen.

Krista Bailey

San Jacinto

Editor’s note: According to our understanding of the JPA, no emergency personnel will respond to a San Jacinto dispatch call directly from Idyllwild. 


  1. I actually think this is a great idea, and if you knew what you had been reading you would know that our fire engines will not be leaving Idyllwild to go cover San Jacinto. So Bahhhhhhhaaaaa to you.