About a week ago, I called Mike Freitas of the Idyllwild Water District board to ask if he could meet for a cup of coffee.

He called back and was too busy. I requested a tour of the waste treatment plant and facilities. I also asked him if he was a full-time resident of the district, which, I believe, is required to be on the board. No answer to either.

I did get a call from Tom Lynch, IWD general manager, and he said he was the guy to ask for a tour.

So I asked.

He asked, “Why?” I said I wished to familiarize myself with the district as a citizen. He declined the tour. I asked why? He stated there were security issues; I said what kind of issues? He said something about employees being there.

Next topic. Regarding the proposed sewage water-recycling project, the Exxon Valdez oil tanker wasn’t supposed to leak but it grossly polluted the ocean. The BP well wasn’t supposed to leak; it also grossly polluted the ocean. Fracking was supposed to be a great thing; it pollutes the water table and the people of Oklahoma are experiencing a plethora of earthquakes due to fracking. Nuclear energy plants leak and cause major health and safety damage.

The point is, when humans interact with nature, mistakes may still occur. The purity of our water is sacred. Why would we let the IWD recycle our wastewater and pump it into Foster Lake to recharge our wells, then, ultimately, enter the domestic water supply.

These are wells the Pine Cove folk also use. Do you think they want to risk a mistake that would pollute our ground water? Do we really think IWD has the experience and knowledge to assure there will never be a mistake that cannot be corrected?

Does anyone remember voting for IWD to obtain this large loan and grant to do this project? I certainly don’t.

Let’s recall the three senior members of the IWD board. Better yet, convince them to resign. Make your voices heard now so you don’t have regrets later. Let’s keep our water supply and our mountain pure.

The people elect the board. The general manager serves at the discretion of the board. We should have a say in this matter.

“This land is your land, this land is my land.”

Vic Sirkin