On the night of July 20, Jack and our granddaughter Evey’s 9th birthday, we did not get to spend the evening out to dinner with family as we have since she was about 3.

Instead, Jack and I attended the Idyllwild Water District board meeting because JP was on vacation.

A typical meeting sees about one or two people in attendance but this particular meeting attracted a large crowd for a water meeting on the Hill — about 25 to 30 people.

We have been reporting on the controversies this water district continues to generate since before last year’s election where two incumbents were unseated by two others, one a former employee.

We stayed for the whole meeting, and it became evident to me that  animosity toward the newcomers is not a joke.

One scene in particular, I think, grabbed everyone’s attention. During a discussion on upgrading the pipeline, June Rockwell, one of the newcomers, got up to use the restroom.

Vice President John Cook, filling in for the absent president, called for a vote. The other newcomer, Steve Kunkle, asked if he wasn’t going to wait for her to come back. Cook said, “No,” and the vote went 2-1 because Kunkle said he wouldn’t approve it because she wasn’t allowed to vote.

I don’t want to embarass June by saying this, but I’m in a meeting that goes on for two-and-a-half hours, I likely might need to relieve myself at least once. June came out just after the vote.

Was what he did illegal? Probably not. Was it mean-spirited? I’m not sure, but it came across that way. Whatever the reason for not waiting just another minute might just be plain rudeness on the part of Cook.

Becky Clark