We are part of a nation where not a majority of the voters feels its back is against the wall. Middle America felt enough anguish and pain — real or imaginary — that caused a large bloc of citizens to show a willingness to take a risk on an unqualified champion. I was not one of them, but I understand the frustration of so many.

Is the Electoral College a rigged system? It was last Monday, but the Republicans aren’t complaining today. While not a perfect system, it gives the residents of Ponca, Oklahoma; Burlington, Washington; Pensacola, Florida; Beavercreek, Ohio; Pine Cove, California; and every other small town in America at least voice in our government, as shown on election day 2016. It keeps off the weight of the hordes in New York City, Los Angeles and Detroit from speaking for all America.

Without the balance of the two parties, we would probably lose religious tolerance, free speech and other rights that have made life in America one of the most envied in the world. Our freedom is our greatest asset.

If Trump, taking advantage of a Republican Congress, can steer us on an upward course, he will get reelected in four years. If not, we can vote for a peaceful transition.

Barry Zander