It is sobering to wake up in a bigoted, politically backward, rightist and racist country.

The majority of people who elected Trump, by a very small margin, cannot see past their nationalist views.

It is inherently healthy to be nationalist. But not to the detriment of today’s much larger context of the world scene, beyond the confines of your own country delineations (be they physical, political or social).

The challenge of our time is to be nationalist but global in the same footing.

The world has to be interconnected and strong as a unit. It is the sole way to pave cooperation, harmony, stability and, ultimately, universal peace.

It is politically immature from “half of the majority” in America to not see past their own valid grievances.

Pulling the blanket around your shoulders and yours only is not going to assist the world in gaining its footing.

Half of the electoral body has demonstrated Tuesday (as it has done repeatedly in the past) that they vote from a knee-jerk reaction momentum, swaying like a pendulum from one position to the other, motivated solely by their justifiable objections, but without much consideration, awareness and self reflection to assess the deep meaning and repercussions of their decision.

Where is the wisdom of being able to see past your own confines and challenges, to understand the place you occupy in the world scene, to promote global, long-term positions of justice, prosperity, humanity and decency for all?

Electing a commander in chief who has not demonstrated any personal self control, sound judgment, morality or basic human respect, for that matter, and who consistently uses inflamed rhetoric is not a good option for America.

We, as a country, and the world at large, do not need a loose cannon, a button pusher, a temperamental trigger madman. We need a world leader.

Mimi Paris-Jacaruso