Why has the Town Crier been backing a disgruntled employee, a person who wants a water meter for her property and a realtor who wants to sell to everybody? It’s not the job of a paper to run the agenda of the town.

I have been on the board of the Chamber of Commerce, CSA 36 and Hill MAC, and part of Mountain Community Patrol when we started the Red Cross section for the community. If the paper cared for the community, it would be backing what is best — consolidation of the water districts, not one side that helps the paper stay in business. 

Every one of those community boards has failed except MCP. Someone takes control of those boards with an agenda and eventually fails. 

JP has gone to almost every Idyllwild Water District meeting and has said many times it’s the best-conducted board. Then, all of a sudden, it’s now the worst?

This is what they are backing from questions asked of possible new board members.

Vic Sirkin states that without a water meter, they can’t sell property unless they have a meter. Then it’s a valuable investment. Sirkin says, particularly our board needs to be educated. He says that with regard to the districts’ consolidation, it’s doable but Pine Cove wants us to clean up our act first. Pine Cove will fight to the end to stop it.

When asked of Sirkin, “Are you for no growth?” Sirkin replied, “No. If 15,000 people want to have resources to build, our board shouldn’t control growth. We will sell water if we have it. What is the status of our water supply is what we need to know.”

After all of these years, the district is financially secure and stable, and only because of what the board’s decisions have been. They all say we need to know what we have and that is true. The new board will not know that in a few months and it may take years. This is what the last board was doing — trying to figure out what is best for the community.

Michael Freitas