I appreciate Kristy Baker for her prayers (Dec. 1, 2016 TC). I also want to address “Just say no to HRT and chemo/radiation.” 

Kristy has found her cure but every cancer is different. Some are easily cured and others a real battle. 

First, I would not have the audacity to tell anyone facing a serious, scary illness what treatment they should or shouldn’t use for recovery. Second, get all the opinions from medical professionals. Research your type of cancer until you can make the decision that is comfortable for you. 

I had gone 10 years cancer-free until the worst cancer was found in my other breast (triple negative, stage 3). I went to the City of Hope for more information and the opinion of a specialist who has spent more than 30 years studying only breast cancers. 

I decided to go the way he suggested, radiation. Both times using chemo/radiation, I sailed through without nausea or bad side effects: only losing my hair. 

I’m 74 and still feeling like my old self. I just want anyone confronting any disease to seek all avenues for a cure.

Judy Lawler