By Janice Murasko

Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats met with Santa Cat (aka Bobbie) to catch up on the latest news...


George: (Yelling into the cattery)  Happy, happy new year!    


Sadie: Happy new year to you, too!

Bobbie: So what did you all do on New Year’s Eve?  

Mr. Gray: Oh, I just had a quiet evening, as I usually do. It would have been better, of course, had I spent it with a forever family. You know, in someone’s lap near the fireplace.  

George: I understand. I kind of did the same, all while wishing it was in a forever home.  


Bobbie: Well, mine was a little livelier. I found the catnip!  

Mr. Gray: Bobbie, you know you shouldn’t overdo it with that stuff.

Mr. Gray

Pepper: Give her a break, Gray! If she had a human to play with, she wouldn’t need to, you know, find other things to do.

Bobbie: Okay, okay, okay! So my New Year’s resolution is to back off the catnip, but it certainly would be easier if I had a forever family to help me occupy my time.

Mr. Gray:  What would you want your family to do?  

Bobbie: Oh, just dragging a piece of yarn across the floor would be awesome.

George:  As for me, I prefer snuggling and petting.


Mr. Gray: I’d let my forever family snuggle with me and pet me once I got to know them. I don’t let just anyone get close.  

Sadie:  Same for me, Gray. They have to earn their trust with me!

Pepper:  (Staring off in a trance)

Bobbie: Pepper!  Are you okay? Did you get into the catnip? 

Pepper:  Oh!  Sorry. No. No catnip for me. I was just daydreaming of my life with a forever family.  It was beautiful. 


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