Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats talked about new dogs Nala and Yale, and returning cat Indigo.
Mr. Gray: (sighing) No new adoptions this week.
George: Yeah, but I hear Nala is meeting with a potential forever family later this week.
Nala: (entering cattery) I am! Please keep your fingers crossed that they fall in love with me and take me home.
Thomas: Who wouldn’t fall in love with you? I’ve heard great things.
Bear: I saw her in the ARF House last weekend. She was so good with other dogs and didn’t really care about us cats.
Yale: (bounding into the cattery) Hello, everyone! I’m Yale, the newest ARF dog.
Sadie: Welcome, Yale. Please tell us about yourself.
Yale: Sure. I’m a shepherd-mix with lots of fluffy, soft hair. I’m good with other dogs, just like Nala. Last week I had the oh-so-necessary neuter, have had all of my vaccinations, and now I’m ready for my forever family! Oh, and I’m about 7, maybe 8 years old.
George: I’d have to say that now ARF has a cat or dog for just about any family.
Mr. Gray: And what a great time of year it is to bring a four-legged into the family.
Sadie: True. We felines would love to lounge in the Sun near a window.
Indigo: Especially if it is opened just a tick so we can smell the fresh air.
Yale: And what great weather it is to take a wonderful dog (like me!) for a walk.
Indie: What about taking a cat for a walk?
Yale: Now that’s funny.
Sadie: Not really, Yale. Some cats really like donning a harness and strutting the neighborhood on a leash.
Yale: Now that I’d like to see!
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