Q. I remember the days when muscle cars were fashionable. I had a brand-new ’49 Olds Rocket 88 when I was a senior in college. Man, was that thing a chick magnet! What car can I get now that will get me back into that scene?

— Ralph, Aguanga

A. If you were a college senior in 1949, then it’s you that’s an 88 now. I’d suggest a geared-down golf cart with extra-padded seats and a rear bumper pole with an orange flag on it. If that won’t magnetize chicks for you, I don’t know what will.

Q. I’m older and retired, and I often have trouble figuring out what day it is. Is there a fashionable way to help with this?

— Frances, Lake Hemet

A. If I can’t think of what day it is, I just go to bed early. The next day, I find out what day that new day is, then subtract one.

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