Idyllwild Fire Protection District Reserve EMT Keith Donahoo (left) and Deputy Fire Marshal Jim LaMont were among many IFPD career, reserve and volunteer firefighters and paramedics who participated in a Fill the Boot campaign for the family of Morongo EMT Stacey Warriner last Saturday in town. Photo by Shanna Robb

On Monday, Jan. 23, Stacey Warriner, 44, an EMT with the Morongo Fire Department, Morongo Public Safety Division, was on her way to work when she stopped on the I-10 to assist a stranded motorist. In the process, she was struck by a passing motor vehicle and died of injuries two days later on Jan. 25.

Idyllwild Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Mark LaMont related that Warriner was the wife of current IFPD Reserve EMT Vaughn Warriner, formerly with the U.S. Forest Service. She also left a daughter and son, ages 21 and 15, respectively.

Warriner was known as a person always looking to help others, LaMont said.

Last Saturday, Feb. 4, a Fill the Boot campaign canvassed Idyllwild collecting money for the family. The undertaking was the project of the Idyllwild Career Firefighters Association, Idyllwild reserve firefighters and the Idyllwild Volunteer Fire Company. According to LaMont and Paul Riggi, president of the volunteers, the Fill the Boot campaign raised about $4,500 in the town of Idyllwild, from the donations of residents and visitors alike.

A Go Fund Me site also is raising money for the family at

LaMont related that Morongo would hold a memorial service once it was determined when relatives and friends could best attend. The department will inform the Town Crier of the date and time once it has been determined.