Skylar Kraemer, grandson of Idyllwild School Principal Matt Kraemer, pitched the Dodgers to a 3-0 victory over the Padres Friday evening in Town Hall Youth Baseball.


Town Hall Youth Sports Coordinator Cindy Luna gave this report for Youth Baseball in recent weeks.

T-Ball League:

Idyllwild Shell Angels’ Zander Collier’s scenic route to first base had the fans holding their breaths as he masterfully beat out the throw and notched his first RBI of the season on Tuesday, May 2. Idyllwild Vacation Rentals Pirates player Landon Collis led the first, ripping a grounder on an overhand pitch and reaching first base safely with lightning speed.

Parker Woods of the Pirates executed two mammoth hits to left field last Thursday, dialing up as many runs for his team. Angels player Miles Sechrest showed off his guns with strong throws around the infield.

Minor League:

Robin Oates Real Estate Padres got off to a powerful start Monday, May 1, against the Idyllwild Beauty Salon Red Sox scoring on 3-run home runs by Emily Brosterhous in the first inning and by Devin Yaman in the second inning, leading their team to its first win of 6-1. Red Sox player Sterling Contreras advanced the runners in the third inning to help push one across the plate.

What appeared to be a moonshot by Oliver Gonzalez of the Sandlin and Son Dodgers, on Tuesday, May 2, indeed was, and resulted in, a grand slam. This, and many other hits by this team, led to their first victory, beating the Red Sox 7-1. Jackson Taylor laced a line drive up the middle to help score the Red Sox’s only run.

The 11-3 victory went to the Dodgers in their second meeting with the Padres last Thursday as Estevan Rivas was a big presence in this slugfest. Tony Solorio of the Padres went on a hitting streak scoring 2 of the 3 runs.

The Red Sox found their groove Saturday as the home team won two in this double header, beating the Padres 5-4 and the Dodgers 6-4. Red Sox player Zoey Mason

The Padres and the Braves opened the Town Hall 2017 Youth Baseball
Majors League
season. Here, Manuel Guzman of the Braves bats last week.
Photos by
Amy Righetti

improved her slugging percentage smashing balls into the outfield in both games. Darius Esparza topped off a last-inning rally against the Dodgers with a home run, boosting the Red Sox record to 2-2. Griffin Kretsinger of the Padres is a player to watch, as he has shown strong stuff on both sides of the ball. Despite their loss, Dodgers’ Sal Solorio continues to come up clutch with consistent hitting.


Wins Losses

Sandlin and Son Dodgers 2 1

Idyllwild Beauty Salon Red Sox 2 2

Robin Oates Real Estate Padres 1 2

Major League:

The Lawrence Equipment Padres rallied in the last inning to take a 4-3 lead to defeat the Idyllwild Arts Academy Braves on Monday, May 1. All-round pitcher Alexis Perez put the Padres on her back with a game winning homerun. Pitching a tight game from the opposite dugout was Braves player Rene Montoya, also contributing with a triple to right field.

Ridgeline Roofing Dodgers pitcher Skyler Kraemer clinched the save against the Padres as he struck out the side in the final inning sealing the 2-0 win last Friday. Padres’

Joslyn McClean was the Dodgers catcher while the Padres batted last week in Town Hall Youth Baseball.

Rylan Righetti helped to hold the Dodgers to 2 runs with her stellar infield plays.

In the second game of their double-header, the Dodgers came up on the losing side against the Braves. Pitching was the name of the game as Brody Posey was lights out in the 5-2 win over the Dodgers. As good as Posey was, James Najar found himself aboard as he knocked a hit past the infielders.

The Braves scored 6 runs Saturday in the final inning to clinch the win against the Padres 8-7. Framing pitches and proving to be a great compliment to the pitching staff was Braves catcher Ethan Shepperd. Padres second baseman Zane Booth came up big getting on base on a few outings and playing outstanding defense.


Wins Losses

Idyllwild Arts Academy Braves 2 1

Ridgeline Roofing Dodgers 1 1

Lawrence Equipment Padres 1 2