Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats and dogs were listening to their caretakers make plans for the weekend.

Mr. Gray

Little Girl: Thanksgiving is here!

Mr. Gray: Will we get turkey?

Little Girl: You never know. After spending a great day with their family and friends, our ARF humans will spend all day


Saturday at the tree lighting event in town.

Anabel: Will they take us?

Little Girl: Oh, Anabel, you know that would be too stressful for us felines. But I bet they will have photos of us and will tell


everyone who visits them just how wonderful we are.

Trenton: Any one of us would be the perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift!

Indigo: Heck, yea! Let’s tell everyone to do their holiday shopping at ARF!

Little Girl: And they could start their shopping when they visit the ARF booth at the tree lighting.

Zorro: The best part about adopting an ARF cat, or dog, is that the gift is for both the human and the loving pet.


Anabel: You’re so right, Zorro. Knowing that an adoption saves a life is a gift in itself.

Batman: And as Pepper said last week, a dog or cat can be a very healthful addition to a home.

Anabel: I think everyone who has room in his heart and home should visit us here on the weekends.


Trenton: And we will tug at their heartstrings and maybe find a forever home.

Little Girl: Wouldn’t that be the most wonderful Thanksgiving weekend ever?

Pepper: And the good news for you, Little Girl, is that senior dogs and cats are better for the elderly because they are more calm and quiet, and require less maintenance.

Little Girl: Are you quoting that study again?

Pepper: Well, maybe …

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