I agree with Rob Muir — a glitzy laser show projected on Tahquitz Rock is inappropriate for our village of Idyllwild. Our Fourth of July parade is a wonderful celebration in keeping with our town; this laser show is too glam.

I look at our lovely Tahquitz, a sentinel watching over our town every day. Artists of all kinds have tried to capture its glory. Blasting lasers at it is an insult and damages the very nature of the feeling Tahquitz inspires.

And imagine the terror of the animals as these strange lights pierce the darkness of their habitat. How many will be blinded by the lasers?

In the words of David Miller, “Mountain lions and all sorts of animals will go around chasing the laser beams!”

The idea of conferring with Native Americans about whether lasers lighting up their sacred Tahquitz with patriotic messages is ludicrous. Consider Standing Rock and all the rest. Why not blast the laser on the wall of Morongo Casino? Or if you want to see fireworks, go see fireworks.

Peter Davison