Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats and dog Tex longed for homes of their own.


Panther: Hey, everyone, no adoption news but I do want to introduce a new ARF canine!

Tex: I won’t be the only dog?

Panther: Well, Tex, even though you’d rather be the only dog in your forever home, it’s OK that ARF welcomes Giorgio. Oh! Here he is now!

Giorgio: Hello! You know my name, so let me tell you a little about myself. I am a terrier of some sort. Ha! I am about 6 years old and house-trained, and I like cats and other dogs. Oh, and I love every human I meet. I’m only 11 pounds, so I will fit on just about any lap. I’ve been told I am super, super cute.


Tinkerbell: Wow. I have competition for the cutest critter at ARF!

Mr. Gray: ARF now has a dog for an active family (that would be you, Tex) and a dog for someone’s lap.   

Tinkerbell: And a kitten to play with!

Mr. Gray: Not to mention adult cats that will offer comfort to humans who might want or need some company.


Pepper: You know, not all of us want to be on a human’s lap, but Panther does! 

Zeus: I know that Mr. Gray enjoys jumping onto a lap.

Panther: But I bet any one of us cats will be happy on a lap once we know the human.

Tinkerbell: Laps are OK, I guess, but I’d rather play.

Giorgio: I’m close to the size of you cats, except for Panther. You are a big boy!

Mr. Gray

Bear: And Giorgio, you are a cute little boy.

Tex: I’m a cute not-as-little girl!

Pepper: I guess it’s safe to say we are all very cute!

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