My husband Dylan and I are going to be living on the road indefinitely. We got a 38-foot fifth wheel with a garage for his workshop. We will make Idyllwild one of our stops yearly or bi-yearly. We are keeping/renting our post office mailbox for business purposes. We will have someone check it periodically and forward our mail to wherever we are, if important.

I found out recently from a couple of friends who own houses in Idyllwild, but don’t live here full-time, that USPS reps in town have given them notices to upgrade their boxes because they are maxed out. They found that they are filled with Town Crier papers and little of their own mail.

I’m concerned the same will happen to us when we aren’t here full-time. We don’t need more than a regular-sized mailbox normally. We wouldn’t want to pay for a bigger one just to accommodate the Town Crier.

Currently, I love getting it for free in the mail, as I read a lot of the articles. But it wouldn’t be as welcomed when our box is filled with them and we won’t be here to collect them. We are going to ask a friend to collect our mail when they go pick up theirs or collect ours weekly, depending on what is easiest for them.

I’m sure that most who live here and pick up their mail regularly are grateful for seeing the Town Crier in their boxes every week, as we are. However, it becomes an issue for part-timers.

Would it be possible to reconsider how the Town Crier is distributed? I see them available at most businesses in town. There could be free newspaper containers at key places around town where people can grab a copy, and leave visible stacks at the post office by the entrance.

Something to consider, since it isn’t right that the post office is giving some people notices to upgrade to a bigger box, if they barely get any mail, just to allow for more space to find it’s filled with the local paper.

I hope you take this as constructive feedback. We love the Town Crier. I’m just concerned about the issues some are having, and we may have when we are no longer full-time.

I appreciate your time and consideration of suggestions to improve delivery of the Town Crier.

We appreciate all you do.

Violeta Villacorta



  1. Dear Towncrier, You undoubtedly know that one cannot even please some of the people some of the time. Your efforts at distribution are a huge success no matter the inconvenience to some who want FREE and ON THEIR TERMS: Maybe hand delivered to their residence? Somehow I think they would find that inconvenient too since, if they weren’t home, you’d be expected to deliver it off the hill. Keep on truckin’. And thank you!