Patty Carratello’s eighth-grade class is one of many at Idyllwild School taking part in the Town Crier’s Design an Ad Contest. Mrs. Carratello gave Celena Hogan some tips on creating a winning ad. Photo ran Feb. 16, 1995. Town Crier Archives

70 years ago - 1950

Census counted 604  permanent residents in  Idyllwild, Mountain Center and Pine Cove. 

65 years ago - 1955

Chamber of Commerce trustees met with California Telephone Co. officials regarding complaints by local business people that they were unable to make off-the-Hill calls. A request was made for more trunk lines. 

60 years ago - 1960

Eighteen citations were issued by the Forest Service and Sheriff’s officers to 10 Navy men from Chula Vista. The men were cited for an illegal campfire, shooting fireworks and providing alcoholic beverages to minors. 

55 years ago - 1965

Don Frandsen was elected head of the Playhouse in the Pines community theater group. 

50 years ago - 1970

A Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit helicopter plunged into tree tops while attempting to rescue an injured Boy Scout in Little Round Valley, a camping area near Mt. San Jacinto. 

45 years ago - 1975

The Woodland Park Manor Motel on South Circle Drive was sold by Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gooding to Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wyllie. 

40 years ago - 1980

Thousand Trails Inc. purchased the 190-acre Wilderness Pines recreational facility in Pine Cove. 

35 years ago - 1985

The Community Recycling Center was reopened  on Highway 243. 

30 years ago - 1990

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) began 24-hour coverage of the Hill with a 90-day test period that would help determine the extent of future coverage, according to Norval Stacy, public affairs officer for the CHP Banning office. 

25 years ago - 1995

In the Making America Safe Essay Contest, Sean Townsend, 15 of Idyllwild, was chosen as one of the five national grand prize winners in the 15- to 18-year-old category. 

20 years ago - 2000

Another cellular company opened shop on the Hill. Verizon Wireless, formerly Airtouch Cellular,  completed construction of its transmission equipment on Pine Cove Water District property and officially began service. 

15 years ago - 2005 

Idyllwild and Pine Cove water districts raised their water rates — IWD by 15% and PCWD by 10%. Both agencies took the action to help offset property tax revenue lost from the state budget negotiations from the previous summer. 

10 years ago - 2010

Twenty-one Idyllwild young people became paid interns through the federally funded Summer Work Experience. They worked for local businesses that had applied to host and mentor the interns. 

5 years ago - 2015

Riverside County Fire, law and code enforcement officials reminded residents and visitors that fireworks are illegal in Riverside County. Meaning, there is no selling, buying, transporting, storage nor use of fireworks allowed in the county.

1 year ago - 2019

Becky and Jack Clark retired from the day-to-day operation of the newspaper. The editorship of the Idyllwild Town Crier had been turned over to Pine Cove resident Melissa Diaz Hernandez.