It seems like winter has come back to Idyllwild this year. If you like your snow removed and don’t wish to worry about it, I suggest you find a snow-plow person and get on their list. Yes, most of them have a list of customers. This is so they can be more efficient when it is time to plow. This way, no calling and they come and plow according to where you are located and where you are on their list.
If you try to wait until the storm is all over and the snow is frozen, this could lessen your plowing options. Instead of truck plows, maybe only tractors can help you.
Frozen snow and ice is hard on all snow-plowing equipment. If you think the cost is high for plowing, remember it only comes for about three months each year and maybe not much for those months.
Most of us haven’t had to pay for much plowing the last three years.
Last, but not least, don’t fire your plow guy until you have another one.
Ed Reed