By Marsha Kennedy

Idyllwild Snow Group

With fans and air-conditioners humming, it’s difficult to wrap our heads around snow. However, the Snow Group plows on, so to speak, working to reduce the impact of snow-play visitors on our residential areas and on our village that has no infrastructure to accommodate them.

Representatives of the Snow Group recently met with Riverside County’s deputy director of transportation and also the engineering division manager. Last week, we had a meeting with the director of Parks and Open Spaces. All have given their support, and further actions with them are underway.

Also, we have a man in Europe working on our behalf. The Snow Group’s Morgan Cannon is spending the summer in Paris but also has contacted people in the heavily snow-touristed alpine area in Switzerland’s Lauterbrunnen Valley.

After speaking here with folk in Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Forest Falls, we’ve heard no solutions except for signage and increased law enforcement. We’re working on both those fronts but wanted to know if there is anything from Alps residents’ long experience that might benefit us. We’ll keep you posted.

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