Idyllwild Fire and Idyllwild Water are sub-standard agencies that refuse to fix their problems not because they fail to identify them, but rather they don’t see the importance of doing so. The arrogance is appalling, dangerous and reason enough for dissolution.

IFPD won’t be the lead agency saving your home during a wildfire nor will Idyllwild Water be capable of delivering the water through hydrants to put it out, period. Forget poor water quality, insufficient hydrant flow/placement and substandard EMS services.

Sadly for IFPD, it’s about happy notes from grandma, deception found within grand-jury investigations, professional competence, employee lawsuits and Santa Claus on the fire truck. For IWD, it’s about cheap water for businesses at the expense of proper district maintenance. The damning evidence is clear and overwhelming. Money can’t fix this bad conduct.

IFPD must be dissolved and replaced with Riverside County Fire/Cal Fire. It can be done quickly with minimal expense to homeowners.

Idyllwild Water can be dissolved, too, but who wants to fix this t---? Bad pipes, substandard hydrants, broken wells and horrible water can be fixed, but not its board and staff that continue making the problem.

Thank goodness Pine Cove and Fern Valley water districts have independent thinking, united, knowledgeable, assertive and caring boards.

Jeff Smith

Pine Cove