This photo on the cover of Judy Leighton’s new book Journey into Light: Experience the Sunshine Method shows inviting sunlight shining through a canopy of greenery. The photo was taken in Idyllwild.

Author’s press release

An Idyllwild author has written a book-length R.S.V.P. — a heartwarming invitation for readers that shows them a way out of whatever’s keeping them from enjoying life.

Judy Leighton has been a pain and stress consultant for more than 30 years, helping hundreds of people not only find relief from traumatic memories but helping them out of the darkness of their lives and into a life of light, peace, love and joy.

After Judy suffered for 40 years of her life, she learned a way to remove fear and pain from memories, and she’s written “Journey into Light: Experience the Sunshine Method” to invite people out of needless suffering.

As she writes in her book, “I don’t want anyone to spend another second in unnecessary suffering.” And she knows suffering.

Growing up, Judy was punished to the point that she endured decades of fear and pain along with horrifying flashbacks.

The Sunshine Method is the name of the healing method she developed at age 40 when she was suffering from a rare illness with no known cure. In her book, she shares how for months she deteriorated, losing energy and capacities.

She lost her ability to write, exercise, and drive. To get around she limped.

She endured extreme joint pain and knots in her back muscles. She slept little and couldn’t take pain medications.

Nearing death’s door for six months, she wondered why her life was being taken. She was fine with dying, knowing she’d be relieved of the fear, pain and flashbacks if she did.

However, one night as she was pondering why she’d been so severely mistreated by others in her life, she prayed to know what’s missing in people’s minds when they don’t do what’s best for themselves and others. The answer she was given was a crucial puzzle piece.

She put that piece together with others she’d received and began an experiment to see if she could experience some peace before she died. She silently repeated many times a day what she’d received, diligently striving against the currents of fear and pain like a salmon headed upstream. Whenever a destructive voice intruded, she replaced the darkness with messages of light.

Amazingly, after 10 days of this, she said her flashbacks vanished. After two more weeks, the pain from her illness disappeared. She also had felt worthless all her life and shares in her book how she came to feel she is 100-percent valuable and embraced by grace.

She said her method helps people quickly have a healthy self-worth. It also frees them from mental and emotional traps they’re stuck in— traps keeping them from doing what they know is best.

Leighton said, “Many people don’t even know the mental and emotional traps they’re stuck in, and I’ve developed quick ways to help people recognize their traps and release themselves from them.”

Judy’s simple-to-use method (in the appendix of the book) can be used by anyone who can silently repeat words. In the book, she shares her personal story in an easy-to-read narrative. She also tells how she’s walked with others on their journey into light, healing and enjoyment.

In medical treatment centers, she was a consultant for years helping many people with severe challenges, some with chronic illnesses who were close to the cliff of death. Her book includes stories about and letters from dozens of these people.

Leighton also has produced two CDs — one for adults and one for young people. These CDs walk people through her healing method and help them use it. Visit for more information.

She is currently revising two of her books, which will be out later this year.