Thursday was the first of several donations to the Animal Rescue Friends and the Living Free Animal Sanctuary from Marc Peterman and Julia Meadows, who have shops in the Village Lane. The funds come from the renovated Wishing Fountain in Village Lane. Here (from left) are Cayla Powell who restored the fountain, Meadows, Randall Harris, president of Living Free, Janice Murasko, director of ARF, and Peterman. Murasko and Harris are holding the $500 checks on behalf of their organizations. Photo by JP Crumrine

The wishing fountain in Village Lane has been refurbished and is already bringing good fortune to local pets.

Two years ago, Marc Peterman and Julia Meadows leased their first stores in Village Lane, Sub Rosa Apothecary, Gallery and Home. Despite lack of maintenance and a poor appearance, the fountain in the middle of the lane was still an attraction to visitors strolling through lane, Meadows said. Many locals shared their stories and fond memories of the fountain.

Meadows and Peterman decided to resurrect the wishing fountain tradition. “[We] came up with a program we call ‘Pebbles for Pets,’” she wrote in an email “…and have noticed a big jump in foot traffic and donations since.”

For a donation of as little as a quarter, a colorful glass mosaic pebble was given to the individual to “… make a wish and throw in the fountain.”

The donations were collected and reserved for the local animal rescue groups — the Animal Rescue Friends and Living Free. Last week, Meadows and Peterman gave $500 checks to both ARF and Living Free.

“Ultimately, our hope is to create the Village Lane Wishing Fountain to be a local and well-loved landmark, where locals and visitors alike can come to have their wishes granted while helping the animals!” Meadows said in the email.