My wife Iris and I set off to Palm Desert in our sedan. I started off as the passenger and put my jacket, pipe and tobacco pouch on the roof and entered the car. I then reached up and put the jacket and pouch on the back seat. When we got to PD, I went to get my pipe and — no pouch!

I have had the pipe and pouch for years. The pipe was one of my favs and there were two tins of really fine tobacco, too. It might not sound like much, but I freaked out!

When we got back, I searched the garage, our streets, etc. Nothing. So I posted in Idyllwild Chatter. What a great and instant response; sympathy helps. Then reposts of a post from Ron Campbell of Merkaba fame. He had seen it fall off the roof of our car, took it to the store, and I went and got it. A happy ending, thanks to Idyllwild.

Peter Davison