On weekends after a major snow, our village has been pummeled by snow-play visitors. Trespassing, streets clogged with illegally parked cars, littering and other nasty behaviors were rampant. With social media advertising Idyllwild as a snow-play destination and exploding populations on all sides of the Hill, the situation will likely continue.

Right now, Idyllwild has no defense against or provisions for snow-play visitors. Although the Snow Group continues to explore solutions with federal, state and county agencies, time and again we come to one conclusion: Idyllwild needs more law enforcement presence.

More deputies on the Hill handing out citations and initiating towing will send a clear message to misbehaving visitors that they must obey the law and respect the rights of area residents.

How can individuals help? Call the cops. It really is that simple. Capt. Leonard Purvis, Commander of the Hemet Sheriff’s Station, recommends that residents call whenever they observe illegal or dangerous activity, large or small. Those phone calls are counted and become statistics used to determine our deputy coverage.

Idyllwilders tend to be independent and self-reliant sorts. Yet, on this issue, we need to be vocal. If we quietly endure illegal, invasive behavior, we are part of the problem.

The Snow Group is launching a campaign: To Get More, Call More. We’ve had refrigerator magnets made bearing this motto along with the non-emergency phone numbers of the Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol.

We’ll hand out the free magnets to residents at the Idyllwild Post Office from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday, Oct. 6.

We also will be offering two types of signs to help residents deter snow-play visitors on their property. One sign can simply be stuck into your snow berm. Easy. The second is to mount on a post. They will be available at cost — $4 and $9.

The Pine Cove Property Owners Association and  Brad Rechtfertig of Grand Idyllwild Lodge made donations, allowing us to give away the magnets for free.

Please do your part to bring more law enforcement presence to Idyllwild. Come to the Post Office Friday afternoon to get a magnet, and then make those calls.

To read more about the Snow Group or to leave comments, visit idysnowtalk.com and Idy Snow Talk on Facebook.