Town Hall Sports Coordinator Michael Holato gave this report on Youth Soccer. Below are the scores, standings and players of the game for Town Hall Youth Soccer. For the 4 to 6 year olds we are only doing player of the game.

 Ages 4-6

In the final games of the season, Miles Sechrest of the Lightning Bolts added another goal to his totals this season. Dominic Rivera-Sandin of the Avengers also added a goal to his totals in a tight defensive game. William Archer and River Fernandes scored for the Bears in another great defensive game against Spinjitsu. What a great season for the 4 to 6 year olds as there was great improvement in all the players. Congrats to everyone.

Ages 7-9

Idyllwild Star defeated the Dragons 2-0 to win the championship. Oliver Gonzalez scored both goals for the Idyllwild Star in a hard-fought close game. The Assassins took third place over the Goal Busters. Congrats to all the teams in a exciting, action-packed season.

Ages 10-14

Season is over and congrats to both teams for their excellent play.


Red Time beat 503 2-1 on a last-minute goal to win the Adult League Soccer Championship.

Red Time scored a goal in the first half to take a 1-0 lead. 503 scored late in the second half to tie the game. With only seconds left in the game, Red Time scored a goal to win the championship.

The 2017 Town Hall Youth and Adult seasons are over. A special call out to the sponsors in making the sports programs in Idyllwild a success. We couldn’t do it without you. Also to the coaches for their dedication, hard work and great sportsmanship, and to all the parents in their support for their children. You also make this possible.

Last of all, a call out to the boys and girls who participated in the program, along with the adults, too. You are what this program is all about. Hope you had fun, learned a lot and will come back next year (and also participate in the other programs offered).