Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats wished to celebrate the holidays in a forever home.


Little Girl: Dog in the house! There’s a dog in the house!

Anabel: Wow! Where? Who?

Mr. Jingles

Mr. Jingle: (Running into the cattery) Here! I’m the dog. My name is Mr. Jingle, and you cats are OK, ya know?

Trenton: Hello, Mr. Jingle. You look pretty young, like you might want to play with us kittens.

Mr. Jingle: I am young, less than 2 years old.


Indigo: Nice to meet you, Jingle. May I call you Jingle?

Mr. Jingle: Of course. I wouldn’t mind hanging with you cats for a bit.

Little Girl: What about dogs? Wouldn’t you rather hang with them?

Mr. Jingle: I like the dogs in my foster’s home, but I don’t care so much for other dogs.


Zorro: That’s weird. So, you like some dogs, but not others?

Mr. Jingle: Yeah, I guess so. I absolutely love humans of all ages. I really want a forever human to cuddle with me, pet me and take me for walks.

Augusta: So, Jingle, tell us. What kind of dog are you?

Mr. Jingle: ARF humans think I might be a maltipoo.


Pepper: What the heck is a maltipoo?

Little Girl: A maltipoo is a Maltese-poodle mix!

Sadie: And they don’t shed! Isn’t that right, Jingle?

Mr. Jingle: That’s right, Sadie.  No shedding here.

Augusta: That should help you get adopted. And you’re not too big.

Mr. Jingle: Only 18 pounds. Big enough to not be a tripping hazard, yet small enough for a human’s lap.

Little Girl: Do you want to be in a home with no other dogs?

Mr. Jingle: Probably. I think I’ll want the humans all to myself!

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