Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats wondered how people could move and just leave their cats behind.
Sadie: Last weekend’s weather really had an impact on our visitors. It was pretty quiet here.
Thomas: No kidding. I hope this weekend is better.
Zeus: Oh, I think it might be. The ARF humans are having a big yard sale right here!
Heavenly Whiskers: Yippee! Hopefully lots of the shoppers will come in to meet us.
Sadie: And because ARF is selling all kinds of dog and cat stuff, there should be a lot of people.
Heavenly Whiskers: Will we have any adoptable dogs here to meet the humans?
Mr. Gray: Well, not yet. It is very, very quiet on the dog front.
Pepper: Except for the loose dogs that are brought in by good Samaritans.
Zeus: There seems to be quite a few of them, both loose dogs and good Samaritans, that is.
Bear: Are there many loose cats to be found?
Mr. Gray: Some, yes. But if humans don’t want to worry about a loose pet, they should adopt one of us and keep us indoors. Problem solved.
Indie: That’s right. We are happy right here inside. It’s too scary out there, with predators and cars, you know?
Thomas: And freaky, bad spring weather!!
Bear: (laughing) No kidding. I’d like a safe, warm home to call my own. Why would I want to be out there? I can see the birds through the windows.
Heavenly Whiskers: And the birds like it better when we are indoors.
Thomas: I think everyone is safer and happier when we stay inside.
Bear: That be true.
Pepper: Then let’s get ready to meet all these people on Friday and Saturday and maybe convince some to take us home … forever.
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