Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats touted their adoptable traits.


Little Girl: Dogs, dogs, dogs.

Pepper: What’s the dog news this week?

Little Girl:  ARF now has five of  ’em!

Taz: Are you talking about me, the adorable min-pin?

Mr. Gray: You, and four other dogs. So, there is Taz, our 10-year old boy, and Winter,


our Aussie-pit mix. Who else?

Little Girl: Here they come! Meet Grace, Frankie and Pookie.

Frankie: Hello, everyone! I’m Frankie and this is my sister Grace. We are cattle dog mixes, just 4 months old. And we just love cats. Other dogs are wonderful with us, as well.

Little Girl: Welcome, ladies! And who is the little poodle with you?

Pookie: I’m Pookie. I’m 8 years old, house-trained, super friendly and great with both dogs and cats.


Little Girl: OK, let’s be certain I have all the facts. We have Taz, the very quiet min-pin whose guardian recently passed. I’m sorry, Taz. And there are Frankie and Grace, the female cattle dog mixes who are just puppies. There’s Winter, our sweet lady who would prefer to be the only pet in the house, and Pookie the poodle who is great with any dog or cat. Whew!


Indigo: And we also have a new feline who looks a lot like me, except he is giant! Panther weighs 24.5 pounds. Wow! He came to us with Pookie.

Little Girl: I bet there is someone out there who likes really big cats.

Winter: I hear he is very friendly.

Little Girl: And to keep you up-to-date, Sedona, our mama cat and three of her kittens, have already been spoken for. Anyone else who wants a kitten better get into ARF this week to apply and leave a deposit.

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