Last week in Days of Our Nine Lives, the ARF cats learned of a new ARF dog, Nala.

Bobbie: Ho ho ho! Gather around, Santa Cat!

Pepper: Santa Cat? Really?

Bobbie: Where’s your holiday spirit? Get your jingle on and round up all the cats.

Pepper: (Yelling into the cattery) Hey, guys! Santa Cat is here and wants to see all of us.

Heavenly Whiskers: This had better be good. I was writing a letter to the real Santa. Who, by the way, let me down.

Bobbie: Oh, it’s good. Trust me. Drum roll, please!


Mr. Gray: Enough already! Just spit it out!

Bobbie: Nala, the new ARF dog has already found her forever family!

Pepper: Wow! She was around for only a week!

Heavenly Whiskers: (Mumbling to herself) Gotta make certain Santa knows I’ll be happy to accept a belated gift of a forever family.

Mr. Gray: I’m so happy Nala has a family for the holidays, and forever.

Bobbie: But wait! There’s more great news! Olivia has found her forever family, too!

Mr. Gray: Olivia? Gone? That lucky little girl!

Bobbie: She is so happy. She has a new sister, a Tortie, just like her!

George: Well, at least two of us ARFies will be with a family for the holidays.

Heavenly Whiskers

Bobbie: Ho ho ho, kitty cats! Don’t give up hope! You didn’t find your forever family for Christmas, but just maybe you’ll find them for the new year.

Mr. Gray: We will cross our toes and wish.

Bobbie: We all just have to remember that the perfect family for each of us is out there somewhere. I choose to believe 2017 will be our year of forever happiness.


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