70 years ago - 1948

The Town Crier noted evidence that the dog population was getting out of hand: “Many pets are apparently dissatisfied with their homes and prefer just to hang around the post office.”

65 years ago - 1953

County Civil Defense Coordinator Col. O.S. Dresher told a Town Hall audience that the community would not be used as a refugee center for city dwellers in the event of an atomic attack or invasion.

60 years ago - 1958

The Idyllwild Arts Foundation was inviting donations to help build a swimming pool on campus.

55 years ago - 1963

A light rain settled the dust in town, but the season’s moisture total amounted to only 11.32 inches.

50 years ago - 1968

An earthquake of 6.5 magnitude rocked the Hill, but only minor damage was reported in Idyllwild and Pine Cove.

45 years ago - 1973

The first meeting was held of a group of women planning to form a local chapter of the Soroptimist International Association.

40 years ago - 1978

The West Area Planning Council approved the 610-space Baldy Mountain Recreational Vehicle Park proposed near Mountain Center by Jack Garner, Garner Valley rancher.

35 years ago - 1983

A 147-foot pine tree on Tahquitz Drive was declared a public hazard and was cut down by Mike Pearson, owner of Pearson’s Wood Service in Mountain Center.

30 years ago - 1988

Because of changes made in General Telephone’s equipment in Idyllwild, Hill residents would be able to have a choice of long-distance telephone service providers.

25 years ago - 1993

Plans were being made for the fourth-annual Timber Festival sponsored by the Lions Club and held at Idyllwild County Park. One of the competitions would be the greased pole climb.

20 years ago - 1998

Local resident Conor O’Farrell starred in the HBO mini-series, “From the Earth to the Moon,” which told the story of space missions that led to the United States putting a man on the Moon. He could be seen in episodes one, five and eight.

15 years ago - 2003

Elizabeth Monson of Pine Cove, in support of her Jewish faith and culture, spent three weeks of her vacation volunteering in the Israeli Army.

10 years ago - 2008

Declining interest, aging membership and an inability to recruit new members was hampering the Idyllwild Lions Club’s activities.

5 years ago - 2013

Mayor Max, Idyllwild’s first mayor, passed away in his sleep Tuesday night, April 2. The mayor (a golden retriever) was 12 years old and had had health problems for several years, according to his chief of staff, Phyllis Mueller.

1 year ago - 2018

Drought emergency restrictions were lifted statewide by Gov. Jerry Brown.