Q. I have a shirt with a missing button. The only button I have to replace it has two holes, whereas the rest of the buttons on the shirt have four holes. Is it OK to replace a four-hole button with a two-hole button?

- Dale, Valle Vista

  A. It depends upon the position of the button and your body type. Remember that a two-holer weighs more than a four-holer because plastic is heavier than air, so if you’ve lost the top button on your four-hole-button shirt, and you’re already a top-heavy person, you’ll want to snip off the bottom button and sew it where the top button was, then sew your heavier two-holer on at the bottom where the extra weight won’t bother you so much.


Q. Is it OK to walk around Idyllwild in platform wedge shoes?

– Carrina, Romoland

A. Not exclusively, no.



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