My wife and I are campground hosts at Mt. San Jacinto State Park Campground. This is our fourth year here during the months of March and April. First of all, we enjoy reading the Town Crier and the great town of Idyllwild.

One of the reasons we come back every year is that we enjoy the people we meet, especially the Pacific Crest Trail hikers and the regular campers, as well.

We constantly get asked why there is not at least a crosswalk sign at the corner of Maranatha Drive, Pine Crest Avenue and Highway 243 by the campers and the PCTers. This is a very busy corner.

There is a stop sign southbound on Highway 243.

There is no indication that this is a major place to cross the street for pedestrians walking south on Highway 243 and no one wants to continue walking north on 243 because the Forest Service wall allows no room to safely walk that direction.

As far as I know, there is no need for a stop sign at this intersection. All that would have to be done is errect a crosswalk sign, and possible some added markings on the street.

Tim and Nancy Dillon, Campground Hosts

Mt. San Jacinto State Park