By Jack Clark

Co-publisher and General Counsel

Fourteen weeks until the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the Town Crier’s Membership model. You TC readers could not be more clear. You want to keep a community watchdog, warning of danger, advising of opportunity, challenging authority, praising accomplishment, investigating irregularity, marveling at art, exposing abuse, celebrating life and publishing its readers’ letters. The Town Crier does all that, and is the only monitor of nine taxpayer-funded, public-agency boards on this Hill, as well.

Some of you are full-time Hill residents, some are part-time. Many live off the Hill, but love our community. Many are hoping to live here at some point down the road, and you want the Town Crier to be here when you do. You all appreciate the need for a real community newspaper on our Hill. Thank you all for your continued support.

Town Crier Charter Members

Saving and Supporting the Town Crier for our Community

(507 Charter Members as of May 8, 2018)