New Town Crier Members are adding more good support to our community’s newspaper. Eighteen brand-new Members have joined during the first three weeks of our second Members year. And another 123 Charter Members already have renewed — 14 more during this past week. That brings our currently active membership to 671, all of whom are responsible for keeping a real community newspaper informing our Hill.

Town Crier 2nd-Year New Members

(19 2nd-Year Members as of Sept. 24, 2018)

Saving and Supporting the Town Crier
for our Community

Angels (0) — Other amount, unlimited above $1,000 annually:  


Heroes (0) — $1,000 annually:  

Patrons (0) — $500+ annually:

Sponsors (0) — $250+ annually:  

Sustaining Readers (19) — $100+ annually:  Joe & Lisa Bernier; Richard & Shirley Berry; David Brock; Fr. Charles Devine, a gift from Carol Duntley; Janice & Norman Ellis; Peter Frautschy; Deborah & Julian Geisinger; Lance & Tricia Gould; Stephen Gould; Avianna Jones; Dan & Linda Meyer-Abbott; Dr. Marjorie Mosier; Anson Musselman, a gift from Charles Carey; Mary Nelson; Alison Primoza & Jesse Sandoval; Donna & Lalo Shiffrin $139; Roy & Wendy Stephens; Donna Towne; Barbara & David Wilke; (0) Anonymous $100.

Thank you, all!