Let’s recognize at the onset that the sun establishes and controls our climate/variability. Other factors, such as major volcanic eruptions, have minor temporary influence. Human activities, such as burning fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide (CO²), have no scientifically demonstrated significant effect. Further, no relationship between CO² increase and temperature increase (=variable) can be or has been demonstrated so far. Such predictions failed miserably.

Some, usually with an ax to grind, want us to see otherwise.

The Climate Comments feature (April 5, 2018) raised expectations for useful information and reasonable ideas for climate change related matters. How wrong I was!

Apparently this lobby believes — wrongly — that burning fossil fuels is the major cause of possible climate warming by generating carbon dioxide (CO²). Many publications along this line of thinking are based on half-truths and hype, rather than scientific facts.

Discussions are discouraged by the “believers.” Scientists who are searching for an open, scientific discussion are labeled “non-believers,” ostracized, silenced and starved for research funds.

The Climate Lobby overlooks that approximately 85 percent of the energy used today is from fossil fuels generated from oil, gas and coal. Of their enthusiastic promotion “renewable energy” is not checked by reason, their actions would burden the economy with unreasonable, costly, frequently useless regulations with little or no benefit. If implemented, our standard of living would plummet.

We should note that most renewables are subsidized by us and they are uneconomic. For example, my electric bill is already about 100 percent higher than just a few years ago. Blame the renewables mostly.

The worst is still ahead with no benefit in sight.

It is surprising that this lobby promotes a carbon cap and trade tax as a “solution” to the purported climate warning even though it has no demonstrable public benefit. We have had it for several years.

It is great for income redistribution, though.

Cap and Trade Tax collections is the source for politician’s self-serving pet projects. Ever hear of Governor’s Brown’s high speed train boondoggle? The high speed train to nowhere? It is largely financed by Cap and Trade Tax on us. Already, the worst is still ahead.

Seen any benefit? It may be a long wait.

Let’s be reasonable and accept that the sun causes climate changes and has the most influence on these. There is no need to burden our economy with costly regulation with negligible benefits, at best.

Emil L. Bereczky