In our April 19 issue of the Town Crier, we reported about the planned closure by Bank of America of its only Idyllwild ATM. In the course of that article, we spoke and had email communications with Sr. Vice President of Media Relations for B of A Colleen Haggerty to express community sentiment and to understand the bank’s position.

To our most recent request for comment, we received the following from Haggerty on May 18: “We appreciate your checking back on this important matter. We understand our customers’ concerns and continue to actively pursue both short term and long term options to keep an ATM in Idyllwild.

“Given it’s unclear how long negotiations may take, there unfortunately may be a gap of ATM service for local customers. For business clients and large depositors, we have remote deposit and other options available. Bank of America small business and business banking managers can provide more details.”