At 6 a.m., the tentative election results have one clear message. The Primary election was boring for California voters. Turnout was will be less than 40 percent. The Riverside County Registrar’s Office has counted about 193,000 ballots, which is 20 percent of registered voters. Another 123,000 remain to be counted, 102,000 of that total are mail-in ballots.

Within Riverside County, the actual political party registration is close. Republicans have 34 percent of Riverside County’s registered voters (984,214), trailing the Democrats by only 36,000 votes. And the votes for Governor within the County essential reflected that narrow difference.

Republican John Cox garnered 34.2 percent of the vote. He and fellow Republican Travis Allen totaled 94,000 votes or 49.7 percent of the total.

Democratic candidate Gavin Newsom received 43,500 votes, which is 23 percent.

In the local races, whether federal, state, or county, incumbents are leading with one except of the total vote for gubernatorial candidates. With fellow Democratic candidates, Antonio Villaraigosa and John Chaing the party earned about 52 percent of the total.

Congressman Raul Ruiz and St. Senator Jeff Stone appear to have defeated their challengers handled and can rest until their new terms begin. Both received more than 50 percent of the current vote.

Newcomers Kimberlin Brown Pelzer with 23 percent of the vote was second to Ruiz and Joy Silver secured only35 percent of the vote challenging Stone.

For Assembly District 71, San Diego County remained strong for local Randy Voepel, although he did not reach the 50 percent threshold. He will face Democrat James Elia in the fall. Republican challenger Larry Wilske trailed in total vote with 24. Percent, but he did receive the most votes of the three within Riverside County.

In County races, incumbent District Attorney Michael Hestrin defeated Lara Gressley, Treasurer Jon Christensen easily beat Hakan Jackson and Tim Hollenhorst is a new Superior Court judge best Shaffer Cormell.

Sheriff’s race is close and will continue through the summer into November. Challenger Lt. Chad Bianco was the top vote getter with 35.1 percent. Incumbent Sheriff Stan Sniff is currently second 33.2 percent. Hemet’s former Chief Dave Brown was third, receiving 20 percent and trailing is Deputy Miguel Garcia with 11.7 percent.

Four of the five propositions were approved. Only Prop 70, which would have required a two-thirds vote to use cap and trade revenues, failed. The Natural Resources bond measure, Prop 68, was the closest with 56 percent ‘Yes”.