Vincent Daniel Gillman, 51, of Pine Cove was arraigned in Riverside County Superior Court on Wednesday, June 19, charged by the District Attorney with one count of violating Penal Code section 487, subdivision (a), grand theft of more than $950. Represented at the arraignment by a deputy public defender, Gillman originally entered a plea of not guilty.

Gilman had been arrested by Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies the previous week and accused of embezzling more than $100,000 over a period of months from Pine Cove Market and Mountain Center Market where he worked as an attendant.

Gilman’s matter was set for a Felony Settlement Conference and a Trial Readiness Conference on June 28, with Preliminary Hearing set for July 2. But these hearing dates were vacated when Gillman changed his mind and pleaded guilty Thursday 21, instead.

On his guilty plea, Gillman was convicted of a violation of Penal Code 487, subdivision (a), grand theft of an amount in excess of $950. He was sentenced to three years of formal probation on condition that he serve 180 days in the custody of the Sheriff, 164 days of which is to be served in a work-release program on or before Aug. 6, 2018. Gillman must report to his probation officer within two days of his release from custody and report all law enforcement contacts to his probation officer within 48 hours. He also was ordered to pay victim restitution in the amount of $111,000, and he must submit to immediate searches of himself and all of property under his control by a probation officer or law enforcement officer, with or without cause. At his own expense, Gillman must participate in and complete any counseling, rehabilitation and treatment program deemed appropriate by his probation officer.

Several other terms and conditions of his probation deal with seeking and maintaining gainful employment or formal vocational education, banning all access to firearms or other deadly weapons, changes of residence address and other probation officer reporting requirements.

The manager of Pine Cove and Mountain Center markets remains unavailable for comment.