Last Sunday, while having lunch at the Gastrognome, a group of motorcyclists came roaring into downtown Idyllwild and distributed (not parked) themselves in front of the Idyllwild carved wooden statue. I don’t know if they were planning to have lunch at “Jo’An’s Restaurant” and were disappointed/mad when they found a lovely park there instead or if they just wanted to let everyone on the Hill know they had arrived.

Anyway, they sat on their bikes and continued to rev up their motors as if to see which bike could make the most noise for almost 10 minutes.

We had guests we had invited to lunch and were sitting outside on the deck at the Gastrognome, and the noise was very disturbing to us, our guests and all others dining outside in downtown Idyllwild.

My belief is that families come to Idyllwild for a pleasant day in the mountains and not to be harassed by a group of noise-making motorcyclists. It is also my belief that there is a  Riverside County Noise Ordinance (Sect. 7.35.010), to which even outdoor music groups must adhere. Given this fact, hopefully there is something that can be done by the county should these motorcycle groups continue to want to make themselves known in downtown Idyllwild.

Janet Reynolds