Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats discussed their fine, adoptable features.


Panther: So, in addition to Violet’s being adopted, Jax and Zoey are celebrating their own!

Zeus: What great news!  So glad they were adopted


together. And I’ve heard that ARF is getting a puppy in about a week.

Panther: That’s right.

Tex: She is an 8-week old purebred Doberman, and her name is Trilogy. She will be having her front right leg amputated very soon.

Zeus: Oh no!  Why?


Tex: Her leg is malformed and unusable. Other than that, she is 100 perent and looking for a forever family.

Zeus: Tri-pod dogs are amazing.  It’s as if they are running and playing on all four legs.

Panther: And in addition to Trilogy, we have two kittens looking for homes.

Bear: They are Astro and Radar, both boys and 12 weeks old.  They are so playful and friendly!

Zeus: And super cute, too.

Panther: Isn’t there also a female kitten?

Indie: There is, but she has been adopted already.

Sadie:  That was fast!

Bear: To summarize, everyone, we have nine adult cats, Tex the young female dog, two male kittens and one female puppy on the way.

Pepper: In other words, ARF has a four-legged for just about any loving family.

Zeus: ARF is truly one-stop shopping for pet lovers.

Tex: But pet lovers shouldn’t wait too long. We are all so darned cute and loving that we could be snapped up at any time.

Panther: Isn’t that the truth!

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