In the second week of the second year of our Membership model, Membership renewals are pouring in. We already have 98 renewed, second-year Members. (They, along with six new members, are a part of our currently 658 active Members.) Thanks to you all! You are demonstrating that our readers want and deserve a continued community newspaper on our Hill.

Please remember that our weekly news meetings — where we plan the stories for the upcoming edition of the Town Crier — are open to the public, and they now are held in a much more spacious and comfortable venue: the Idyllwild Public Library, thanks to the courtesy of Idyllwild Branch Manager Shannon Ng. Plan to attend and have your voice heard Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.

Town Crier 2nd-Year Renewed Members

(98 Membership Renewals as of Sept. 11, 2018)

Saving and Supporting the Town Crier
for our Community

Angels (1) — Other amount, unlimited above $1,000 annually:  Charles “Chic” Fojtik $1,100.

Heroes (0) — $1,000 annually:  

Patrons (4) — $500+ annually:  Morgan Cannon; Kitty Kieley Hayes; (2) Anonymous $500.

Sponsors (12) — $250+ annually:  Pete & Suzy Capparelli; Diann Coate; John & Linda Denver; Byron & Marcia Edwards $300; The Family Business (tax preparation - Craig & Janice Coopersmith); Dave & Laurie Fraser; Christine & Jan Goldsmith; Jason Laurence & Alexandra Napier; Nancy Wallace Lungren for Don & Elizabeth Wallace Family Trust; Sue Nash & Tom Paulek; Ben & Rue Pine; Dr. Andy Ridgwell.

Sustaining Readers (81) — $100+ annually:  Patricia Altman; Cheryl & Lon Barr; Albert Bates; Anne & Donald Bentley; Kerry Berman; Rick Bernardin; Antoinette Berthelotte; Douglas & Maureen Boren; Bernard & Jorgine Brause; Paul Browne; Kathy Bryson & Annette Wassell $200; Charles Buchanan $150; Kenneth Camoirano; Dr. Garrett & Harmeet Capune; Steve Chadwick; Reg & Tria Cohen & Rena Dear; Joe & Shawna Curtis; Margaret & Michael D’Ambra; Iris & Peter Davison; Mizzi Diamond & Tim Doyle; Bonnie Doshier, a gift from Jean Stein; Carol & Dennis Dunbar; Greg & Nancy Dunlap; Sverre & Gerd Eng; Jennie & Steven Espinosa; Everitt’s Minerals & Gallery (Janet & Larry Everitt); Fern Valley Inn (Gary & Marcie Erb); Françoise Frigola; Roland Gaebert; Dick & Jan Goldberg; Bob & Corinne Greenamyer; Karin & Richard Greenwood; Karen & Richard Hadik $200; Emily Heebner & Eric Young; Carole Herman & Sandi Mathers; Frank Hungerford; David Israelsky & Janice Zahn; Don “Jac” & Mimi Jacaruso; Barbara Jones; Anne & Jon King; Donna & Sam Kelly; Marcia & Ron Krull; Erin Latimer; Karla & W.F. Leopold; Daniel & Jane Levy; Robert Lippert; Elizabeth Locke; Barbara & Michael Longbrook; Brian Marshall; Joan McCullough; Maureen McElligott; Middle Ridge Winery Tasting Gallery (Chris & Melody Johnston); Dawn & Jim O’Keeffe; Gerald Pauley; Heather Perry; The Red Kettle (Bruce Ross); Ed & Sandy Reed; Alice & Vic Scavarda; Richard Schnetzer; Glenn & Susan Schumacher; Steve Shaw; Doug & Lois Sheppard; Carol Simonek; Bill & Linda Smith; Patricia & Will Sproule; Jean Stein & Pamela Williams; Richard & Stephanie Stinson; John Thomford; Arthur Tobias & Debra Varnado $125; D.F. & Giana Tweedie; Anne & Douglas Walker; Barbara & Thom Wallace; Jimmy & Sue Wallen; Sallie Warwick; Charles & Susan Weisbart; Sharon & Stephen White; Catherine Wood; James Wymer & Soheir Ibrahim; (3) Anonymous.

Thank you, all!