Americans have received a valuable lesson regarding democracy and the balance of power.

Trump, as leader of the Executive Branch, has vowed to choose two or more ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices for the Judicial Branch.

In the Legislative Branch, the Republican Party controls the Senate and Congress. Republicans follow the president’s agenda in lock step, ignoring or forgiving his barrage of misinformation, untruths, threats and authoritarian leadership style.

Trump caters to one third of voters, specifically those who continue to defend every action he takes and word he utters. Politicians are the enemy of democracy if they remain silent or acquiesce when he threatens, antagonizes or demeans any person or institution that questions his authority.

The will of the majority has the power to change the status quo at the ballot box. November 2018 is the time to reset the balance of power in the United States. Americans who cherish our democratic system will cast a vote for that change.

Mary MacLaren Rider