Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats met new arrivals.

Mr. Gray

Mr. Gray: Hey, Indie, what’s wrong with you? You look agitated.

Indigo: I am. There is always so much talk about ARF dogs that I think we cats get left behind. Just this past week, Topper the Corgi-mix was adopted, but no cats.

Pepper: Finally! Someone said what I haven’t had the nerve to say myself. Now it’s out in the open. Cats are great pets, just like dogs!


Indigo: I think humans forget what great companions we make, and we’re easy to care for!

Tex: That’s great news, although we all will miss him.

Zeus: You know, I’d make a great companion for many reasons. I am big and pure white, so even in the dark of night a human will see me and not trip over me! I’m friendly and just love to be a good friend.

Bear: And I’m just as friendly as Zeus, but yes, I am jet black.

Indigo: Bear, you and I are jet black, but there are lots of humans out there who can see our beauty. Besides looking so good, we make great buddies at home.

Heavenly Whiskers

Heavenly Whiskers: I’m the perfect choice for the human who has trouble making up her mind. I’m white and gray, and friendly, but not overwhelmingly so. I won’t bother my human when she has work to do, but I’ll be there when she’s ready to cuddle.

Carly: Whiskers, you think you’re the answer for those who cannot make up their minds? Well so am I! I’m black and white.

Pepper: As am I!

Indigo: I guess there is a consensus in this room that all of us have something to offer humans. Now if we could only get them in here to meet us and give us a chance!

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