It’s rare to have trick or treaters in Idyllwild, but this year, imagine my surprise. I have a 5-gallon covered metal can where I keep about 20 pounds of dog food.

A week ago, I saw the top off and about half the food gone. Raccoons, no doubt. I locked the lid with its handle and that solved the problem — until Halloween night.

In the morning, the pail hadn’t been opened; it had disappeared. Had somebody stolen my dog food? Seemed unlikely. Would I ever find my shiny pail. More unlikely.

Yet a trip down to the creek recovered the pail with about a week’s worth of dog food left.

Here is what I see: a very bright raccoon with really good hand paws skipping merrily away with the whole can, enlisting an accomplice in releasing the handle, and the two of them feasting until they couldn’t move.

Or, the Fern Valley bear ...

Rabbi Malka Drucker