On Nov. 6, Michael Darranger Kellner, 25, of Idyllwild, was sentenced to 58 days in county jail.

He had been arrested on Oct. 21 for three violations of a previous post-release community supervision settlement and parole agreements, which were all the result of misdemeanor convictions. At the November hearing, Kellner admitted his violations of the probation agreements.

Hearing Officer Judith Fouladi reinstated these post-release community supervision agreements, but also sentenced Kellner to jail time, with release on Jan. 18, 2019.

In August, Kellner had been arrested for possession of a controlled substance, with three misdemeanor charges and also a charge of violating his probation. He pleaded guilty to being under the influence of a controlled substance, one misdemeanor charge, was convicted and sentenced to work release.

On Sept. 20, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department filed a report stating that Kellner had not reported to the program as he was ordered. The next day, the court ordered his probation revoked and issued a warrant for his arrest. On Oct. 21, Hemet police arrested Kellner on possession of controlled substance and his warrant for probation violation was recognized during his booking.

At his Oct. 23 hearing, the court concurred that probable cause was supported. The community supervision order was revoked, a public defender appointed and Kellner remained in custody of the Sheriff’s Department.

The Riverside County Probation Office requested revocation of the post-release settlement and the hearing was set for Nov. 6 where his probation was revoked and the unserved work-release days were changed to actual jail time.