Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” the ARF cats were wondering who will be the new office cat and met the puppies.

Pepper: Well, this is interesting.

Zeus: Do tell!

Pepper: The office cat is now a brand-new cat! Whatever happened to seniority?

New Sadie: You must be talking about me. My name is


Sadie, and since you already have a Sadie, I’m the new Sadie! I’m in the office because I’m so, so friendly. Also, because I don’t know all of you cats, I don’t know that I’d be comfortable right now in the cattery.

Sadie: As the original Sadie, I welcome you. We’ll need to get your photo to share with the humans.


New Sadie: Well, since I’m the office cat now, guess I should fill you in on the puppy adoptions. Hans and Elsa were adopted, and it looks as though Aladdin might be on Friday.

Olaf: I thought I was adopted, but Hans stole my forever family! But you know, I’m so darned cute and smart, I’ll find mine soon. I already play fetch!

Zeus: I heard that Elsa went to a family in Alaska.

Belle: She did!  I hope they have sweaters for her.

Aladdin: And I need all of you to keep fingers crossed that my adoption works out.

Bernard: Ah-hem! What about me? Shouldn’t I be introduced?

New Sadie: Oops! Of course. Everyone, this is Bernard. He is nearly 5 months old and lots of fun.

Bernard: That’s right. I do bark when someone comes into the room, but if I’m on a lap, I’m perfectly silent.  I just love curling up on a human’s lap and offering love.

Olaf: Guess we have that in common, Bernard.

Sadie: Lots of love here at ARF. Let’s hope that the humans find their way here to scoop us up forever!

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