Joining or starting a grassroots organization in town to try to improve the lives of its residents and visitors is a noble cause. So many of us care, but are constrained by time, health or other factors so we can’t attend meetings or events surrounding these causes.
I’ve noticed with more new people moving into the area, a plethora of grassroots organizations springing up over the past few years.
One such group is Quiet Skies Idyllwild. David Pearson appeared in my office last week talking about this group that seeks to move flight patterns back to past routes so Idyllwild-area residents and visitors may enjoy quieter days.
I admitted to him that Jack and I are not ones bothered by the noise of planes. Our one neighbor, however, joined Quiet Skies because the flights do bother him.
David pointed out a jet flight outside I normally would not notice. He warned me that I may start noticing them now that he pointed that one out.
Saturday morning while still in bed, above the sounds of the central heat in our house, I heard flight after flight above our house. And later in the day, I heard other planes.
They did not disturb me, though. I asked David that day if QSI members are outdoors people. The sound I in the sky I heard that day he pointed it out was quieter than the noise of vehicles on North Circle Drive outside our office.
My husband is partially deaf, which explains why he isn’t bothered. I spend most of my time indoors where the sounds of office equipment, lights, refrigerators and other appliances sound out much of what is going on outside. I’m not bothered but can understand why others are.
Another grassroots organization is the San Jacinto Watershed Watchdogs. The group follows the actions or inactions of the Idyllwild Water District directors and manager. Taking on government in this town and watching over it — something the Town Crier has been doing for decades — is a noble feat and commendable.
But I take exception — I’m bothered — with this statement from its recent newsletter: “Although not announced officially, it was reported in the Town Crier that the contract for the current General Manager, Jack Hoagland, which expires on December 31, 2018, will not be renewed. Jack Hoagland will not be employed by the District on a month-to-month basis in 2019. Hopefully, the Board will prepare an official notice of this rumored action as soon as possible.”
The Town Crier is not in the “rumor” business. We are not social media where rumors run rampant. We didn’t write, “I heard …,” we wrote what was spoken by the IWD president and confirmed by the vice president following a closed session meeting.
We send journalists to these meetings to report to the public how their tax dollars are being spent. If the meeting is closed, we check to find out if any action was taken. We did that. This is one of our jobs we do to serve our readers. If you want to read rumors, read social media.