Last week in “Days of Our Nine Lives,” ARF cats were saddened by the passing of George.
Daisy: Why weren’t all of you at last Saturday’s mini adoption-fair?
Sadie: Aw Daisy, it’s just too stressful for us adult cats, but the kittens really have fun at them.
Mr. Gray: Those funny kittens love the attention.
Daisy: I had such a great time. I really, really liked meeting all the people and other dogs.
Sadie: You are pretty darned social!
Daisy: Guilty as charged! I would have liked to have played with those kittens.
Zeus: Did the kittens get adopted?
Daisy: No, believe it or not, but they did get lots and lots of attention.
Zeus: They really need to find their forever homes. I know ARF has more kittens lined up to join our family.
Daisy: I am pretty certain they’ll be adopted very soon.
Zeus: I also heard that you gave several face washes!
Daisy: I just cannot help myself. I love humans and want to give them kisses.
Thomas: Did anyone complain?
Daisy: Not one bit! The humans really liked me. Unfortunately, they lived far away and didn’t think they could get me home, or they already had so many dogs and cats. More than one woman claimed that her husband would leave her if she brought home one more animal!
Sadie: Ha! That’s pretty common. Animal lovers would have a houseful if they could.
Daisy: I am very convinced that the perfect home will come along soon.
Mr. Gray: As am I. The right family is out there somewhere.
Bear: And those who cannot adopt a cat may virtually adopt one of us.
Thomas: Virtually?
Bear: Yep. Just $35 will help care for one of us, and the “adopter” will get a nice gift from ARF!
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