Yes, the killing of George Floyd is terrible beyond words as well as the other three policemen standing there without stopping it. 

They all should be punished to the limit.

On Monday, June 1, we had a group of local protesters show their support for George Floyd. They were chanting “Black Lives Matter” as they were winding around a few streets in Idyllwild. 

They were peaceful. However, we must not forget “All Lives Matter.”

I was looking around me and a good number of locals were watching. 

Shop owners were in their shops to protect them. They were very concerned. A large group around the park and across were watching intensely. I felt that they would protect Idyllwild if necessary. It made me feel very safe and proud. 

There were police cars cruising for law and order. 

Idyllwild has been through a lot the last two years. 

Let us be kind and loving to each other. 

Gisela Stearns